1992 Taisuke Sasanuma and Richard Folsom establish Advantage Partners, Inc.
Company operations include the establishment and operation of new businesses and investment funds, as well as management consulting.
1993 Meridian, Inc. is established (stocks transferred to partner in 1999)
1995 Advantage Insurance Service, Inc. is established (Advantage Risk Management, Inc. is established in line with the expansion of business in 1999. Listed on “Hercules” in 2006.)
1997 Start of services for Japan’s first Buyout Fund.
2000 Start of services for Buyout Fund 2./td>
2003 Start of services for Buyout Fund 3.
2005 Established Advantage Partners LLP; succeeded business from Advantage Partners, Inc.
2007 Start of services for Buyout Fund 4.
Establishment of the Hong Kong office
Establishment of Advantage Advisors, Inc.
2008 Start of services for funds with investments in publicly traded companies.
2013 Start of services for Buyout Fund 4-S