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Announcement Regarding the Acquisition of Hukuba Dental Corporation


We are pleased to announce that on March 31, 2015, funds served by Advantage Partners, LLP (“AP Funds”) completed the acquisition of Hukuba Dental Corporation (“Hukuba” or the “Company”), a developer, manufacturer and distributor of ionic toothbrushes and other dental related products.

Since inception of the business 35 years ago, Hukuba has continued to develop, manufacture and distribute various unique products within the dental industry. Specifically, the company’s core ion-emitting functional toothbrush “KISS YOU” has been widely acclaimed by customers for its ability to remove plaque.

AP Funds believe the Company’s operating platform and product development capabilities are superior to competitors. Going forward, AP Funds intend to work with Company management to further strengthen Hukuba’s management capabilities as well as assist in sales expansion initiatives both domestically and overseas to further grow the business.

About Hukuba Dental Corporation

  • Name
    Hukuba Dental Corporation
  • CEO
    Representative Director
    Toshio Tobe
  • Location
    Chiba, Japan
  • Business Description
    Developer, manufacturer and distributor of dental products including ionic toothbrushes



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