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Announcement Regarding Acquisition of Maeden Innovation Co., Ltd.


We are pleased to announce that in May 2023, Advantage Partners Asia Fund and affiliated entities (collectively “AP Funds”) invested in Maeden Innovation Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (collectively “Maeden” or “the Company”), a global leading tinsel conductor customized solution provider based out of Taiwan.

Founded in 1981, Maeden is dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and selling premium quality wire and conductors to blue-chip clients in the automotive, acoustic, and multi-media as well as other adjacent industries. Maeden’s focus on differentiated and high-performance products has allowed it to achieve dominant market position and solid brand equity in the past few decades.

The Company historically has very strong ties with both Japanese suppliers and customers, and Advantage Partners believes that we can enhance the Company’s corporate value by bringing further Japan-linked value-add to the Company, especially through the development of new Japanese clients. Additionally, AP Funds are looking at opportunities to form alliances with Japanese strategic partners to further enhance the Company’s supply chain and new product development capabilities.

Details of Maeden
Company Name: Maeden Innovation Co., Ltd.
Founder: Joseph Ko
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Business Description: Design, manufacture and sale of premium quality wire and conductors