The Advantage Way

Advantage Partners constantly creates new markets and redefines existing markets in innovative ways.
We continually achieve leadership in the markets we enter into,
and share the increased economic values that we add through that leadership with our collaborators, employees,
as well as with general society.

Philosophy to make Advantage PartnersPhilosophy

We nurture our portfolio companies into firms that remain resolutely competitive even after they have left our funds.
We support a management process that provides value not only to our funds and the investors that backed them, but also allows other shareholders, employees, business partners and financial institutions to enjoy economic value even after we have completed our investment.

Our BusinessesBusinesses

Stories to illustrate our commitmentCase Studies


Portfolio 1


Value up Story

  • The company was providing high-quality services at the lowest prices in the industry, with projected stable growth in the future.
  • The company’s talented new store development team was well suited to help the company rapidly open new stores.
  • Ability to train large volumes of highly skilled therapists in a short period of time
Visionary Holdings

Portfolio 2

Visionary Holdings

Value up Story

  • With emergence of three price shops offering cheaper products, simple pricing framework and mass advertisement, operation became disorganized partly due to the weakening internal leadership of the management.
  • After recording losses for several years, the company’s liabilities became in excess of assets and bankruptcy filing was within sight.
  • A sponsor that can discover values in the company’s intangible assets accumulated over forty years and provide support both in terms of capital and management was needed.

Professionals to deliver resultsTEAM