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Sale of Shares of KAZAKA Securities


Advantage Partners, LLP (“AP”) announced today that Kazaka Financial Group Co., Ltd. (“KFG”), a portfolio company of funds served by AP (Fund III), has reached an agreement to sell all shares of KAZAKA Securities to NAITO Securities Co., Ltd. as detailed below.

Details of Transaction:

(1) Securities Sold: 100% of outstanding stock of KAZAKA Securities (679,333,701 shares; KFG ownership post sale will be 0%)

(2) Buyer: NAITO Securities Co., Ltd.

(3) Share Sale Date: August 1, 2013

About KAZAKA Securities

  • Location
    Nihonbashi, Tokyo Japan
  • Date Established
    March 31, 1944
  • Business Description
    Securities Firm
  • Shareholders’ Equity
    JPY1 billion



KAZAKA Financial Group Co., Ltd. / NAITO Securities Co., Ltd.

KAZAKA Financial Group

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